Customs Declaration & Insurance Service

Customs Declaration & Clearance

Navigating trade regulations, compliance and customs can be an overwhelming experience. Team Power has experienced compliance experts on staff at all times to help you navigate a specific country’s trade regulations. We’re here to provide you with assistance for every aspect of your company’s compliance and Customs brokerage around the world.

There is a substantial emphasis on security, proper classification and valuation, worldwide trade agreements and global sourcing. This causes Customs compliance to play a vital role in the supply chain process. We help ensure your shipments are cleared in a compliant, expedited & cost efficient process.

Cargo Insurance

Planes, trains, automobiles and ocean going vessels – get complete coverage for your cargo on any craft with our Marine Cargo Insurance. Choose from a variety of Institute Cargo Clauses depending on the type and combination of transport you prefer. Institute Cargo Clauses (A) and (Air) are the most comprehensive, taking into account everything from collision to natural disasters, while the optional War Risk coverage and Strike Risks coverage extensions cover unpredictable situations. The eCARGO system gets quotes to you instantly at all hours.